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We offer high quality cleaning services at very competitive prices.

Laundry Services
We take care of the washing of all of your clothes, with water.
Every washing contains clothes up to 5 kilos, cleaning, pre-washing, soap, softener, drying, delivering in a package.
The professional service and homemade care in the tending of your clothes is our business!

Ironing Services
All of your clothes are hand-ironed, for the best result. It is an arduous procedure, but the outcome is unparallel, when compared to that one of automated ironing, solely by a machine.
Sheets and towels are inoned in a special cylinder. All of the ironed clothes can be delivered on a hanger, or neatly folded ready for your drawer.

Dry Cleaning Services
We apply dry cleaning in all clothing that prohibits cleaning with water.
We use the latest generation cleaner. The service includes ironing, as well as removing of all the familiar stains (oil, coffee, etc.)

Hand-washed clothes
We offer this special service when dealing with extra sensitive clothes.
Whether it be wool, silk or lace, there is no care to match the one by a pair of human hands!

Bring us your curtains, tablecloths, sheets, quilts, towels for thorough cleansing and ironing.
Offer your space a unique sense of freshness and cleanness!

Leather is a special kind of clothing, in need of skilled treatment and care to retain its freshness, and look like brand new.
The procedure involves cleaning, stain removing, oiling, and ironing in a special machine.

Pick up/delivery Services
Pick up/delivery in the Athens City Centre.


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